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【Product Introduction】Boron Nitride ( BN ) ceramic parts, which is high thermal

conductivity, low thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature

resistance, high electrical resistance, easily machined, etc.

【we can】Accept customized small quantity order
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Typical Applications

  • Insulators for high-temperature furnaces

  • Amorphous system nozzles and Powder metalatomization nozzle

  • High temperature mechanical components such asbearing,valves,spacers

  • Crucibles and molds for molten metal processing

  • Separating Ring for Horizontal Concasting

  • Muffles and crucibles for Nitride and Sialon firing


  • Excellent thermostable performance (Temperature 2 2000Cin Vacuum and inert atmosphere

  • High thermal conductivity

  • Low thermal expansion, excellent thermal shock resistance.

  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties at hightemperatures.

  • High wet resistance to molten metals,slags and glass.

  • Extreme corrosion and wear resistance

Custom products available according to customer's drawings or samples