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【Product Introduction】3D printing technology applied in high tech ceramic manufacturing breaks through the constraints of traditional manufacturing technology and provides a possibility for the realization of complex structural parts manufacturing.

Compared with the traditional manufacturing methods ,3D printing technology has the characteristics of no increase in cost, no mold and can be prepared with special-shaped products.

Its biggest advantage is that it can produce complex structures which can not be prepared by traditional processing methods, and realize the structural design of materials, so as to efficiently realize the integration of materials and structure and functions.

【we can】Accept customized small quantity order
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  • 95% AI203

  • 99.5% AI203

  • 99.8% AI203

  • 3Y-ZrO2

  • Tio2

  • Other materials available upon request

Surface & Hardness

  • Normal polish Ra1.0 micron

  • Fine polishing Ra0.4-0.6 micron

  • Diamond polishing Ra 0.2 micron

  • Vickers hardness: 1,800 to 2,000

  • Tolerance: according DIN 7168 -1


  • Wear resistantCorrosion resistant

  • Heat resistant

  • Stable dimensions

  • Light weight

  • Long performance life

Custom products available according to customer's drawings or samples